How to make USB Knoppix(6.2) to save your Windows(Mac) data

My friend’s laptop machine did not start up. It seems Windows system files got corrupted. I thought it can be fixed. I decided to create a back up system before I started doing anything on this machine. However the machine was Netbook model and there was no internal optical disk drive. I recalled that USB boot drive could be created with Knoppix thus I decided to give it a go.

I heard that Knoppix had new features in version 6 and above to create a bootable flash drive (in USB memory).
We can create both CD and DVD version. CD version (700MB), which is smaller in size, suits better for data recovery purpose. DVD version, which is 2400MB, is far too large. I used mac. Knoppix required preparing boot up CD before creating USB but I decided to boot up the machine with parallels (simply because I did not have time to burn on CD).

following the step.

1. Download Knoppix

Knoppix is distributed in Torrent file format. I visited its site shown below.

As of 11/08/2010, the latest version available was 6.2.1. I downloaded followings.


Download Knoppix using Torent software.
I recommend Transmission if you use mac.

2. Create a virtual machine with parallels from downloaded iso

Select “File -> Create New Virtual Machine” and follow the instractions.
Select downloaded iso file when you select file as shown in screen below.

3. Create USB Knoppix

Insert USB device to your machine when Knoppix starts up. The USB decide will be auto-detected.
Select “preference -> flash boot”

Note: you will be asked whether to format a drive. Do not format existing drive. Make sure you select USB device.

4. Change OS boot settings

By default, OS will be booted up from your HHD therefore you need to change the setting to USB.

When the machine is starting up Press F2 (the key can be different depending on mother board manufacturer). With displayed BIOS setting screen, continue setting up.

5. Backup to other media on Knoppix

Boot the system from USB memory drive. When Knoppix starts up, continue navigate as per normal and create back up to external HDD or USB.

This is it. I have to say it is a bit troublesome. It is the best to have it prepared before the machine starts giving a problem but I really did not feel like doing so.


Apart from what I had just described above, You can also create your USB boot up system with “Ubuntu Rescure Remix” which is created using Ubuntu. If you are interested, please try it also.

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